The Savings Are Crazy

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“My medication was about $300 and I used your card and it knocked it down to $8 WOW. Thank you guys so much.” This is a feedback from a Ms. Tasha Jones based in Anchorage, Alaska who has been a subscriber to our, discount my prescription and discounted drugs programs, for a couple of years now.

I wish I could say hers is a rare case, but anyone walking into a health facility or a pharmacy today will note that the cost of medication has become restrictively high.

Thousands of patients in the US today forego medication and treatment because they just can no longer afford or sustain the increasing cost of medication with their meagre incomes.

This is why was founded as a way to stop this spiral and create a standardized platform for those seeking affordable medication.

Discount my prescription is a platform in which you as a subscriber is able to apply for discount my prescription card and present it to a number of listed pharmacies across the US and get quality, subsidized medication.

The platform enables access to discounted drugs at 33 main pharmacies including 96,000 national and regional pharmacies across the US.

This platform is an opportunity that allows you to research the stores that are available in this program and to access all FDA approved drugs for your treatment.

With a harmonized medication costs the free discount my prescription card enables you or your loved ones who are chronically sick to comfortably purchase medication that is out of reach for you and of thousands who are desperate for these lifesaving drugs.

Untreated sicknesses and injuries accounts to billions in losses every year and constitutes the highest loss of productive hours for firms around the country every year.

It is even more disheartening that even working class families are sometimes locked out of these lifesaving medication due to the exorbitant prizes.

The healthcare industry has grown exponentially over the last 30 yrs. providing cutting edge medical advice and procedures and very effective medication. But the cost of these services and drugs are no longer tenable for many citizens. It is the heart-breaking story of many who have to sometimes choose between buying medication or buying groceries.

The rising inflations, stagnating incomes and the blatant commercialization of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the varying prices of medication in pharmacies across the country are to blame.

The free discount drug card ensure that even though you may not have any medical coverage you are still eligible for treatment and can save an average of 67% on your medication costs.

Applying for free discount drug card could be the difference between getting proper treatment and becoming bankrupted by the cost of your medication.

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