13Oct, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Discount My Prescription

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The Discount Card is Completely Free Absolutely no fees or gimmicks—ever. Just print off the card or display it on your phone at the pharmacy to save on your prescription medications instantly.   We Believe No One Should Have To Go Without Their Medication For Financial Reasons When life hits you hard and you’re sick, the last thing you want to do is add financial stress onto your plate. With our convenient savings card, you don’t have to! We guarantee real savings (anywhere from 24-94%) to help you cover your […]

10Oct, 2015

The Savings Are Crazy

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“My medication was about $300 and I used your card and it knocked it down to $8 WOW. Thank you guys so much.” This is a feedback from a Ms. Tasha Jones based in Anchorage, Alaska who has been a subscriber to our, discount my prescription and discounted drugs programs, for a couple of years now. I wish I could say hers is a rare case, but anyone walking into a health facility or a pharmacy today will note that the cost of medication has become restrictively high. Thousands of […]