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Right now, a simple, generic asthma medication like Albuterol can cost several hundred dollars at one pharmacy and less than $20 at another.


The number one reason people don’t take their medication in America is simply because they cannot afford it. There’s a crisis in the healthcare industry, with a shockingly high number of people unable to fill their prescriptions because they don’t have the funds to afford basic healthcare. Discount My Prescription was founded to put a stop to the insanity — we never want anyone to pay more for their prescriptions than they absolutely have to. Our goal is to enable people to afford their medications comfortably, easing stress and worry over health care costs. Use our card at almost any pharmacy nationwide (over 96,000 participating pharmacies) and save. Discounted prescription medication is as effortless as that! Simply use our pharmacy locator and medication pricing tool to find a nearby pharmacy that offers the medication you need, and use your Discount My Prescription card to save even more.

Chances are, you are likely spending too much on your prescription medication. Here are some valuable tips to help you save moving forward:

  1. Prescription Prices are different for every pharmacy.
    Did you know that prescription medication pricing is different at every pharmacy? Simply use our pharmacy locator to see how the pharmacies in your area are pricing your medication — you could see a massive difference from using the pricing locator and combining that with the savings from the Discount My Prescription card.
  2. If you don’t have insurance that’s okay.
    We recognize that prices are higher when you don’t have insurance — yet this has zero effect on the savings that the Discount My Prescription card can offer you. Just present the Discount My Prescription card to the pharmacist, regardless of coverage, to immediately start saving.
  3. You can still save if you have insurance. You can use this card as an equalizer. This means that you can present this card to the pharmacist, along with your insurance, and can compare co-pays with the My Discount Prescription card.


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