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Welcome to Discount My Prescription! We’re so glad you found us — and you’ll be glad you found us too, once you realize how much you can save on your prescription medications. What exactly is Discount My Prescription?  It’s as straightforward as it sounds. We offer free discount cards which enable you to get maximum savings on your prescription medication (anywhere from 24-94%) with absolutely no fees, charges, or sign-up hassle. You simply print out the card or show it to the cashier on your smartphone, and we discount your prescription! Zero fees and zero commitment involved—just savings.

So how exactly can we offer this discount card to you at no cost? Tired of seeing friends and family struggle to pay medication costs, our CEO began Discount My Prescription with the goal to help those in need. Our mission is to offer a completely free discount card that works on all FDA approved discount prescription drugs, with or without insurance. But regardless of your financial situation, this card will save you money on your prescription medications, guaranteed. Check out how much our discount card can make a difference—watch our customer testimonials to hear how much Discount My Prescription has helped them. We’ve also been featured on the following news outlets: ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, Daily News, and Market Wired. Try out our card and see the Discount My Prescription difference for yourself!


Thank you for taking the time to place your card orders with the Discount My Prescription. These cards are provided to you at no cost, including shipping. Please order only as many cards as you need. is here to help.

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Free Prescription Discount Cards

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How do free prescription discount cards work?

Pharmacies let Discount My Prescription customers obtain discount pricing just like they would for insurance customers, because they want customer volume. Pharmacies want volume because chances are customers will also purchase other items in addition to medication, ultimately increasing their profits. The pharmacies pay a transaction fee each time Discount My Prescription processes a prescription through their network, allowing our service to continue to grow and offer customers incredible discounts.

Who pays for this?

The pharmacies pay for it, through a small transaction fee on their end every time one of our discount cards is used. The pharmacies agree to let our customers get discount pricing on medication—just like they already do for insurance companies—because they want to increase business. There is a reason the pharmacy is always located in the back of the store: chances are, medication isn’t the only thing customers are buying. The pharmacy is conveniently placed so that customers have to walk through the main part of the store before they even pick up their medication. This is exactly why pharmacies want customer volume.

What drugs does it work for and how much will I save?

Any FDA-approved medications are available within our pricing network, but the savings we access are not across-the-board for every drug. We find that the discounts our card offers for generic brand drugs are on average more than insurance companies typically offer in savings. For brand name drugs, the overall discount tends to be a bit less. The good news is, our online drug pricing tool suggests any and all alternative generic drugs for your prescriptions (when available) and will help you compare to find the best price from all participating pharmacies in your area.

What about my personal and medical information?

Any of your medical, personal, and financial information is never shared with us by your doctor or pharmacy; HIPPA regulations prevent us from collecting that information. HIPAA regulations carefully cover the sharing of medical information in order to protect the consumer. Discount My Prescription fully complies with HIPAA regulations, meaning that we won’t ever see your name or personal, medical, or contact information, and we never sell that information to anyone, including advertisers.


    Honestly, When I see stuff like this my BS meter goes through the roof. I emailed the support line and they convinced me just to try it. I am glad I did. I paid $10 for my prescription and I don't have insurance so that was huge.

    Sarah Pimento,
    Columbus, OH


    Saved over $200 on my mom's medication. TY Discount my prescription

    Edward Lopez,
    Costa Mesa, CA


    My husband has MS and he is on a lot of medication. Even though I have insurance copays add up. For two of the medications that he takes this card is lower than our copays. I don't know how they do it but they do. Every little bit counts.

    Irene Fayngold,
    Azusa, CA


    I was extremely skeptical about this card. It's sounded way to good to be true. Then i used it and now I am huge advocate of this program. If you feel the same way I felt. Get a card and try it for yourself

    Avery Simmons,
    Los Angeles, CA


    My sleeping medication cost me an arm and a leg and without I cannot sleep at all. I lost my job 6 months ago and was not able to afford it. This card literally saved my life. and my husbands now that I'm sleeping LOL. Thanks

    Tammy Mings,
    Dallas, TX


    Great Job Guys, I saved so much on my medication

    John Michaels,
    Phoenix, AZ


    My medication was about $300 and I used your card and it knocked it down to $8 WOW. Thank you guys soooooo much

    Tasha Jones,
    Anchorage, AK